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ABS4TSO battery storage unit interior, project “ABS for the power grid”, Photo: APG/Gerhard Wasserbauer

Energy storage systems
Key technologies for the energy transition

Efficient and reliable energy storage systems are central building blocks for an integrated energy system based 100% on renewable energy sources. Innovative storage technologies and new fields ..... Read full article
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Innovative storage technologies
Building blocks for the energy system of the future

The switch to an energy supply with 100% renewable energy sources poses major technical and organisational challenges to our energy system. To be able to guarantee the ..... Read full article
Underground Sun Storage 2030 research facility, photo: RAG Austria AG

Underground Sun Storage 2030
Storing wind and solar energy in natural-gas storage facilities

Long-term storage of renewable energy sources will play a central role in the future energy system. Underground gas storage facilities are long-established large-volume energy storage facilities with ..... Read full article

Giga-scale storage systems for the sustainable heat supply of urban quarters

District heating networks that are supplied entirely with renewable energy sources require very large storage systems so that they can store the large quantities of renewable heat ..... Read full article
Photo: voestalpine & AIT/Kiedl & Drexler-Schmid

Hybrid storage concept for efficient industrial processes

In industry, storage technologies are used to decouple heat generation and heat consumption over time, thereby increasing the efficiency and flexibility of industrial processes. Steam storage systems ..... Read full article
Test facility in the TU Wien laboratory, photo: TU Wien/IET

Gmunden High Temperature Heat Link R&D
Using industrial waste heat

The Gmunden cement plant has a waste heat potential of approx. 10 MWth at 400°C. In this project, a project team of research and industry partners1 developed ..... Read full article
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E-car batteries as power storage systems

Electric mobility can make a significant contribution to reducing the high environmental impact in the transport sector. However, sustainable concepts are needed to integrate the increasing number ..... Read full article
Photo: Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

New life for used batteries from e-mobility

When batteries from electric vehicles only provide 80% of their power, they are disposed of because they are no longer suitable for demanding mobility applications once their ..... Read full article

Energy Storage
Technology Programme of the International Energy Agency IEA

The issue of energy storage systems also plays an important role in research and technology development at the international level. The Energy Storage Technology Programme (ES TCP) ..... Read full article

Energy storage systems in Austria
Market development 2020

A study1 carried out by the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, AEE INTEC, BEST and ENFOS presents the market development of energy storage technologies in Austria ..... Read full article

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