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50 Years International Energy Agency
Austria’s contribution to global research collaboration

Founded in 1974 in response to the oil crisis, the International Energy Agency plays an important role today in shaping a clean, secure and sustainable energy future. ..... Read full article

50 Years IEA Collaboration in Research
The technology network for a changing energy future

Since it was first established in 1974, the International Energy Agency has played a crucial role in ensuring a more secure, efficient and sustainable global energy supply. ..... Read full article
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Austria’s role in the International Energy Agency technology network

Austrian experts and companies are currently active in 23 out of 40 IEA technology programmes and in one expert group. Global networking within the framework of IEA ..... Read full article
Construction of a large-scale heat pump at the Spittelau waste incineration plant in Vienna, photos: Wien Energie/Johannes Zinner

High-temperature heat pumps
and their use in industrial processes and district heating networks

Heat pumps are used these days to heat rooms and produce hot water in many different types of buildings. They will play an increasingly important role in ..... Read full article
Photo: HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH

Cooling buildings
Energy-efficient and climate-neutral technologies

Space heating, cooling, lighting and hot water in buildings account for around 30% of total energy consumption in the IEA countries. The IEA Energy in Buildings and ..... Read full article
50,000 m³ thermal energy district heating storage in Theiss, photo: C.Stadler/Bwag

Hybrid energy networks
New concepts for energy storage systems

The IEA District Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme was founded as far back as 1983 in order to generate expertise on the efficient operation of heating ..... Read full article

Social acceptance
The users’ perspective

To really decarbonise the energy systems we will need more than just new technologies and far-reaching organisational changes. Social acceptance and people’s participation in the energy transition ..... Read full article
Photo: WoodK+/Hartwig Zögl

Environmentally-friendly use of biogenic raw materials

Bioenergy technologies are an important pillar of renewable energy supply. Biomass is obtained in this process from organic material (crops, plant waste and biowaste as well as ..... Read full article

Areas of flexibility in the energy system
Potentials and market mechanisms

The switch to renewable energy sources, the increase in decentralised electricity generation and storage and the growing demand for energy services based on electricity represent major challenges ..... Read full article

on issue 1/2024

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