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Smart Energy Systems
Multilateral collaboration on innovation for the energy supply of the future

Transforming the energy system to 100% renewable energy requires not only intelligent technologies and solutions, but also new business models, using sector coupling or setting up integrated ..... Read full article

Transnational collaboration
for a sustainable energy system

Converting our energy system to a climate-neutral supply structure based on renewable sources is a huge challenge. New technologies and systems are needed to allow increased integration ..... Read full article
The innovation laboratory region Oberwart-Stegersbach, photo: act4.energy

Pilot regions for local energy communities in four EU countries

Energy communities provide a framework for implementing new solutions in the energy sector, by enabling citizens, municipal institutions and local businesses to share and exchange renewable energy ..... Read full article
Monitoring the power grid in the network control room, photo: Energie Steiermark/Werner Krug

Blockchain Grid
Testing local management of energy, storage systems and networks

The growing number of decentralised sources feeding renewable energy into the grid, as well as new consumers such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and air conditioning systems, ..... Read full article
The intelligent local network station of the AIT SmartEST laboratory, photo: AIT/Oleksandr Melnyk

Secure roll-out of smart grid applications in distribution networks

The onward march of digitalisation in power grids is changing the role that information and communication technologies play in distribution networks. Rather than just installing new hardware ..... Read full article

Patrick Child

Patrick ChildDeputy Director-GeneralDirectorate-General Research and Innovation (DG RTD)European Commission How does the Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems contribute to the efforts of transforming the European energy ..... Read full article

Using renewable energy sources more effectively with power-to-gas

The switch to a CO2-neutral energy system in the future entails major challenges. Power-to-gas (P2G) technology could make an important contribution here. In this process, electri-city from ..... Read full article
Vienna Southeast substation with ABS4TSO battery storage unit, Photo: APG/Rainer Wagenhofer

High-dynamic services for the power grid

The growing number of renewable energy sources and the increased decentralisation of energy generation mean that our energy networks need to be transformed. The fluctuating power supply ..... Read full article
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Clean Energy 4 Tourism
Modern control technology for high energy efficiency in tourist regions

In the Austrian flagship project Clean Energy for Tourism (CE4T)1, innovative technologies and products for decarbonising ski resorts are being developed and tested. To do this, Salzburg’s ..... Read full article
Heat pump for feeding waste heat into district heating networks, photo: 4ward Energy Research GmbH

Staying competitive in the district heating sector

In the HEATflex1 project, experts from Austria and Denmark are developing technical and economic strategies within the framework of ERA-Net SES to increase the competitiveness of CHP ..... Read full article

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