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Blast furnace in Linz/Austria, Source: voestalpine AG

Energy efficiency in industry
Innovation at the production site Austria

EU and national energy policy is aimed at an economy and society low in emissions, resource-efficient and ecologically sound. Industry should expand while at the same time ..... Read full article
Quelle: voestalpine AG

Low-carbon industry
Future opportunities resulting from using energy efficiently

The European Union aims to make a decisive contribution to Europe‘s international competitiveness, to the reliability of supply and to achieving its 20-20-20 climate protection goals by ..... Read full article
HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron), Source: voestalpine AG

Minimizing CO2 emissions in hot-metal production
using pre-reduced sources of iron

All over the world the blast-furnace process dominates in hot-metal production: more than 95 % of hot metal is made in blast furnaces. The main task in ..... Read full article
Solar facility at the Göss brewery,Source: AEE INTEC

Green Brewery
Using solar energy for process heat in breweries

The solar technologies available these days on the market can provide solar process heat at up to 400 °C for industrial processes. Making use of solar heat ..... Read full article
Source: Vienna University of Technology (ACIN – Automation and Control Institute)

Embedded Energy Efficiency Industrial Controller Platform

Typically, industrial facilities such as energy conversion systems and production units in all sectors reach maximum efficiency (as  regards energy consumption, yield and cost effectiveness) at design ..... Read full article
Source: Mondi Frantschach GmbH

Integrated Ecopaper
Optimal use of energy in papermaking

Papermaking is an extremely energy-intensive process, because huge amounts of water have to be extracted from the fibre as the slurry is turned into a web and ..... Read full article

Large heat pumps to heat and air-condition industrial buildings

Employing heat pumps to utilize ambient warmth is a technology which has so far been used mainly for single and multiple-unit residential buildings. For large-volume buildings heat ..... Read full article

Energy Research Strategy
Measures for 2050

Gi-Eun Kim,Expert on biotechnology at the Seokyeong University Seoul and member of the Austrian Council for Research and Technological  Development Energy efficiency is a mainstay of sustainable ..... Read full article

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