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Renewable Heating and Cooling
Innovative technologies and concepts for sustainable heating and cooling

The heating sector is of extreme importance for the energy transition as approximately half of the final energy consumption in Austria can be attributed to the generation ..... Read full article
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Climate-neutral heat supply
The key to the energy transition

The impacts of the climate crises and the current geopolitical and energy policy challenges clearly show that the decarbonisation of all sectors of the economy must be ..... Read full article
Large solar thermal plant in Mürzzuschlag, photo: SOLID Solar Energy Systems GmbH

Flagship project for more flexible heating networks

District heating systems are an environmentally friendly and convenient way to provide energy for heating and hot water. They also play a central role in Austria’s energy ..... Read full article
Heat pump at Therme Wien, photo: Wien Energie/Max Kropitz

ThermaFLEX demo project: Heat from the thermal baths
Use of waste heat in Vienna’s district heating network

Over 440,000 households and 7,800 business customers in Vienna are currently connected to the district heating network. In the future, Wien Energie would like to supply 56 % ..... Read full article
Biomass heating plant in Saalfelden, photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Krobath

ThermaFLEX Demo project: District heating in Saalfelden
Modernisation of the biomass heating plant

Biomass-based district heating networks are an important part of a sustainable heat supply. Around 2,400 biomass heating plants are currently operating in Austria1. However, many heating networks ..... Read full article
Absorber mats, Smart Block Geblergasse, photo: Katharina Zwiauer

Integrated solar supply concept for climate-neutral buildings in the city

The switch to renewable energy sources in the supply of heat and electricity is driving the decentralisation of the energy system. It will be necessary to integrate ..... Read full article
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IEA Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC TCP)
Solar Energy Buildings

Supplying buildings with renewable energy in a climate-neutral way requires integrated system concepts. Intelligently combining innovative technologies, sector integration and measures to increase flexibility will make it ..... Read full article
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IEA District Heating and Cooling (DHC TCP)
Integration of renewable energy sources in district heating and cooling systems

One project within the technology collaboration programme “District Heating and Cooling” (IEA DHC TS5) is concerned with the conversion of district heating and cooling systems to a ..... Read full article
Thermal conductivity measurements on the drilling core, photo: Heat Harvest consortium

“Harvesting” solar waste heat in urban environments
Heat Harvest

The impacts of climate change are especially pronounced in cities, including the urban heat island (UHI) effect. In densely developed urban areas, higher average temperatures are increasingly ..... Read full article

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