to issue 3/2022

Flagship project for more flexible heating networks
AEE INTEC – Institute for Sustainable Technologies
Contanct: Joachim Kelz
Integrated solar supply concept for climate-neutral buildings in the “City of the Future”

AEE INTEC – Institute for Sustainable Technologies
Contact: Thomas Ramschak
Heat Harvest
Harvesting urban solar waste heat from buildings and surfaces to prevent summertime overheating in cities
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Contact: Edith Haslinger
100% renewable heating and cooling supply in social residential buildings – the Käthe-Dorsch-Gasse demo project
Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
Contact: Ernst Schriefl
IEA Collaboration in Research
IEA SHC Task 66: Integrated solar energy supply concepts for climate-neutral buildings and communities for the “City of the Future”
IEA DHC TS5: Integration von erneuerbaren Energiequellen in bestehende Fernwärme- und Fernkältesysteme (RES DHC)