Photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Krobath

Photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Krobath

IEA District Heating and Cooling (DHC TCP)
Integration of renewable energy sources in district heating and cooling systems

One project within the technology collaboration programme “District Heating and Cooling” (IEA DHC TS5) is concerned with the conversion of district heating and cooling systems to a full supply from renewable energy sources. The transformation of these supply systems is a central element of the heating transition in Austria as well. Important know-how for this transformation process is being produced through participation in the international collaboration.

Project objectives include:
> Collecting knowledge of optimised solutions for the integration of renewable energy systems into existing district heating and cooling systems.
> Sharing practical know-how through business cases and technical solutions for stakeholders and market actors
> Preparing innovative demo cases in collaboration with stakeholders (for both technical and organisational solutions)
> Identifying market prospects and non-technical market barriers

Overall, the project should contribute to establishing renewable heat sources as environmentally friendly and emissions-free heat generating technologies for the district heating and cooling sector. The results of the project will strengthen the technical and economic competence of established market players in Austria (e.g. energy supply companies, planners and technology providers).

At the same time, the project will establish simple access to methods and key information concerning the implementation of renewable energy sources in existing and new district heating and cooling, in turn benefiting municipalities and public bodies. The participating countries are Germany (Operating Agent), Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Canada, Austria and Sweden.