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Innovative construction
ressource-friendly, energy efficient and und

Many forward-looking developments have been implemented in the building sector in Austria in recent years to improve the energy efficiency and ecological sustainability of buildings. Innovative technologies ..... Read full article
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Sustainability in the construction sector
Strategies and concepts: from planning to deconstruction

Significant amounts of energy and resources are necessary to build, live in and renovate buildings. A high share of energy consumption and environmentally harmful emissions around the ..... Read full article
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Increasing the renovation rate
Challenges for the construction industry

Despite the restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic, production volumes in the construction industry in Austria fell only slightly, totalling around EUR 40 billion in 2020. About ..... Read full article
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Recyclable solid construction materials
Opportunities and potentials of the circular economy

Around half of the total resource consumption in Austria, 95 Mt per year, is accounted for by the use of non-metallic minerals and the raw materials used in ..... Read full article
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Sustainable overall project
DEMO PROJECT: Energy²POG – Hybrid energy concept for Steirereck/Pogusch

In the hotel and restaurant business, the consumption of energy and resources is an important production factor that causes high costs and CO2 emissions. There are complex ..... Read full article
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CO2-neutral construction site
Measures to reduce emissions in construction

While there has been significant progress in energy-efficient construction as well as ecological building materials and recycling in recent years, the environmental impact of construction activity itself ..... Read full article
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Digitalisation in the Austrian construction industry
Effects on the labour market

A current trend analysis carried out by the Working Life Research Centre (FORBA) investigated what effects on the sectoral labour market in Austria can be expected from ..... Read full article

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