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Green hydrogen
Helping to shape the future of energy

As a climate-neutral energy carrier and raw material, green hydrogen can make a valuable contribution to the decarbonisation of industry and transportation. It can act as a ..... Read full article
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Green hydrogen and fuel cells
Key technologies on the path to climate neutrality

To date, hydrogen has primarily been produced from fossil raw materials (natural gas and coal). The production of this “grey hydrogen” releases 230 to 318 g of ..... Read full article
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The WIVA P&G Energy Model Region
Hydrogen Initiative Energy Model Region Austria Power & Gas

The “Hydrogen Initiative Energy Model Region Austria Power & Gas” (WIVA P&G) is pursuing the goal of demonstrating the transition of the Austrian economy to a largely ..... Read full article
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Electric mobility with a fuel cell-battery hybrid

The goal of the Keytech4EV project was to develop a highly efficient, cost-optimised and CO2-free propulsion (drive) design for electric vehicles based on hydrogen fuel cells and ..... Read full article
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Green hydrogen pilot plant at industrial scale

H2FUTURE is a European flagship project concerned with the production of green hydrogen from renewable electricity for use in the steel industry. Coordinated by VERBUND and in ..... Read full article

Upscaling of green hydrogen for industry and mobility

The goal of the project is to produce green hydrogen (H2) through electrolysis at industrial scale for use in industry and mobility. It is intended to be ..... Read full article

Michael Strugl, Vice Chairman of the Board of VERBUND

VERBUND is actively engaged in pioneering technologies to create an environmentally friendly energy system. What are the central challenges for ensuring a sustainable, competitive and affordable energy supply ..... Read full article
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Coupling of high-temperature co-electrolysis and methanation

Conventional power-to-gas systems use electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen with the option of subsequent methanation. The lead project HydroMetha is focused on the optimisation and coupling ..... Read full article
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Local production, storage and use of solar hydrogen

For many years, the Austrian company Fronius International GmbH has researched and developed forward-looking solutions for the energy transition. In addition to having many years of experience ..... Read full article

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