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Flexible PV foil, Photo: crystalsol GmbH

Photovoltaics – a key technology
Innovations from Austria for tomorrow`s power supply

With solar energy in almost unlimited supply – at no cost – photovoltaics (PV) technology is one of the most attractive ways to generate renewable sources of ..... Read full article
Flexible PV foil , Photo: crystalsol GmbH

Photovoltaics technology in Austria
Development and perspectives

Widespread deployment of photovoltaics (PV) is one of the key factors in the expansion planned by the European Union (EU) for energy from renewables. In 2011 the ..... Read full article
PV modules in a subtropical climate/Qatar, Photo: ENcome Energy Performance GmbH

PV systems for regions with differing climates

Today standard PV modules are in use in almost all climatic zones (temperate and alpine zones, the tropics or deserts). So far the differing climatic conditions and ..... Read full article
Flexible PV foil, Photo: crystalsol GmbH

Approaches to producing ultra-efficient flexible PV modules

Current R&D activities in the PV field are focussed on completely new PV technologies based on organic, anorganic or hybrid active layers. These cutting-edge module designs are ..... Read full article
Test runs for print.PV at crystalsol GmbH, Photos: crystalsol GmbH, Helmut Mitter www.helmut-mitter.com

New fabrication process for flexible PV foil

Two Austrian firms, crystalsol GmbH and Forster Werbetechnik GmbH, are currently at work on developing a novel “next generation” technology for fabricating flexible PV foil. In the ..... Read full article
PV test  façade, Photo: Michael Grobbauer, SFL Technologies 

Façade elements with PV-active layers

PV@Fassade is a project in which experts from science and industry do research on efficient, aesthetically appealing components and systems for PV integrated in buildings (BIPV). Particularly ..... Read full article
Photo: ÖGUT/Petra Blauensteiner

Photovoltaik Power Systems Programme

Within the framework of the International Energy Agency‘s (IEA) technology programmes Austrian experts from research organizations and industry play an active part in international study groups. PVPS ..... Read full article

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