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GeoTief “pulse vehicle” for taking seismic measurements in the Vienna region, photo: Wien Energie/Christian Hofer

Heat from the depths
Geothermal energy as an energy technology of the future in Austria

As a renewable energy source, geothermal heat has the potential to play a key role in climate-neutral heating. Austria’s potential for harnessing geothermal heat and the possible ..... Read full article
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Geothermal Heat
Technologies and potentials for the energy supply of tomorrow

District heating and hot water supply account for around a third of Austria’s energy consumption and some 20% of its CO2 emissions.1 If the country is to ..... Read full article
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Using geothermal energy to store heat in local low-temperatutre grids

In the SANBA project, led by the AIT Austrian Institute of Tech­nology,1 a local low-temperature heating and cooling (LTHC) grid2 was developed for the Martinek military camp ..... Read full article
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Using geothermal heat efficiently in urban spaces

Led by JOANNEUM RESEARCH1 the Manage_GeoCity project devised a method for the coordinated use and management of near-surface geothermal heat based on the model region of Graz. ..... Read full article
“Pulse vehicles” for carrying out 2D seismic measurements in the regions of Vienna and Groß-Enzersdorf, photo: Wien Energie/Christian Hofer

Studying the potential for harnessing geothermal energy in the Vienna Basin

Implemented by Wien Energie together with numerous partners from science, research and industry,1 the GeoTief project is con­cerned with systematically studying and measuring the geologi­cal subsurface in ..... Read full article
The traffic-light map groups together possible reasons preventing a near-surface geothermal energy system from being set up and indicates locations where they can gener-ally be used (green), where additional information is needed (yellow) or where geothermal heat cannot be used as a general principle (pink). The maps include, for example, karstable rocks, possible landslides or mining areas. Picture: Geological Survey of Austria (GBA)

Spatial energy planning for the heating transition

The heating market is undergoing a transformation. Technologi­cal innovations, new building regulations and targeted subsi­dies are accelerating the development and use of renewable technologies in the heating ..... Read full article

Gregor Götzl

Gregor GötzlGeological Survey of Austria (GBA), Hydrogeology & Geothermal Energy Department The Geological Survey of Austria is involved in various ongoing projects researching the use of geothermal ..... Read full article

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