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Decarbonisation of industry
Technologies and concepts for low-carbon production

The manufacturing industry is a key sector when it comes to meeting European and national climate goals. Austrian research institutions and corporations are developing and testing pioneering ..... Read full article
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Ways to achieve a zero-emission industry
Innovation is the key for climate-friendly production

The industrial sector is one of the sectors with the largest energy use and high CO2 emissions worldwide. In Austria, the final energy consumption of industry and ..... Read full article
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Renewable energy for the automotive industry

The automotive and automotive supply industries are amongst the most important economic sectors in the European Union, accounting for more than 10% of manufacturing jobs in the ..... Read full article
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Energy efficiency and Demand Side Management in the steel industry

With a final energy usage of 2,140 PJ, the iron and steel industry is one of the biggest energy users in the European Union*. As well as ..... Read full article
NÖM dairy in Baden near Vienna, photo: NÖM, Mario Pampel

Industrial waste heat for the energy supply of a future urban district

With the Smart Anergy Quarter Baden (SANBA) project which was started in 2018, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology* is developing a concept for a low-temperature heating ..... Read full article

Univ. Prof. René Hofmann

Head of the “Industrial energy systems” research group, TU Wien – Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics; Thematic Coordinator of the Efficiency in Industrial Processes and Systems ..... Read full article
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Energy efficiency in brick production

Substantial energy savings have been made in brick production in recent years through the use of new technologies. The Austrian company Wienerberger is an innovative leader and ..... Read full article

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