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South Burgenland Innovation Cluster
for Integrated Regional Energy and Transport Systems

If we are to meet the energy demands of the region using 100% renewables, we need innovative concepts aimed at creating an integrated regional energy and transport ..... Read full article
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Integrated energy and transport concepts
create added value for the region

The energy systems of the future will be structured in much more decentralised and modular ways than those of today. This change will be driven partly by ..... Read full article
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Innovation initiatives
act4.energy und Open Rail Lab

Two innovation initiatives were launched in South Burgenland in 2018, with the aim of developing pioneering integrated energy and transport solutionsand testing these in real operating conditions. ..... Read full article
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Innovation laboratory act4.energy
Researching and testing integrated energy solutions

To facilitate the development of pioneering, integrated systems for the regions, based on 100% renewable energy, new digital, cross-sector technologies and solutions need to be researched, developed ..... Read full article
Photovoltaic facility and waterworks, photo: act4.energy

South Burgenland urban storage cluster
Living lab for cross-sector energy management

Even for energy customers whose annual consumption is under 100,000 kWh (i.e. in the small and micro-user sector) there is great potential in energy flexibility. Heat pump ..... Read full article
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Innovative concepts for hydrogen on rails

Hydrogen is a versatile form of stored energy that can be produced using renewable energy sources and is notable for its ease of storage and transport. It ..... Read full article
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Open Rail Lab
Reinventing rail!

The world of transport is changing rapidly. Rail is an enormously important part of this landscape. The Open Rail Lab has set itself the task of reinventing ..... Read full article

Collaboration for integrated energy and traffic concepts

In our act4.energy innovation laboratory, new digital energy systems are developed and tested in real operational conditions. We offer a leading example of community collaboration in an ..... Read full article

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