Photo: Syda Productions/

Photo: Syda Productions/

Innovative concepts for hydrogen on rails

Hydrogen is a versatile form of stored energy that can be produced using renewable energy sources and is notable for its ease of storage and transport. It has great potential for the future, particularly in the mobility sector, as well as for the storage of renewable energy. While technical solutions have already been developed for hydrogen-powered vehicles in road-based transport, in the area of rail transport, solutions for H2 systems still need more research.

In the H2BAhnLog project, locally produced hydrogen is not only being used as fuel for goods transport on rails, but also itself being transported and distributed via the rail network. In this innovative concept, the railways are being used as a mobile storage system for hydrogen. The aim is to develop efficient hydrogen logistics and to investigate the potential for distribution through the rail networks and any possible synergy effects. A smart H2 logistics tool is intended to support the efficient organisation of hydrogen distribution.

The scope of the project includes analysis of the technical, security, legal, organisational, ecological and economic factors. It also includes the development of hydrogen-based mobility options for public passenger transport at the interface between rail and road.

Options for the use of H2 in rail transport:
>          hydrogen as a fuel technology for rail vehicles
>          mobile, decentralised storage of hydrogen in the rail environment
>          transport and distribution of hydrogen from mobile storage for supply to decentralised mobility applications in the urban environment
* Project partners: Energie Kompass GmbH (Innovation laboratory, HyCentA Research GmbH, Verkehrsinfrastruktur Burgenland GmbH (VIB), Energie Burgenland Windkraft GmbH, Grazer Energieagentur GmbH, Logistik Service GmbH, MiRo Mobility GmbH

Funded by the BMVIT programme “Future Mobility”


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