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Digitization in the construction industry
Research and technology development in Austria

Digitization will permanently alter how buildings are planned, constructed and operated. With the aid of digital Building Information Modelling quality and planning dependability can be improved and ..... Read full article
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Digital change in the construction industry
Challenges and potential

The use of digital technologies results in major changes in all sectors of our economy and life. On one hand digitization opens up huge opportunities for growth, ..... Read full article
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The potential of digitization in construction

As part of a recent survey by TU Wien (on behalf of BMVIT and the Austrian Economic Chambers) the opportunities and challenges presented by digitization in construction ..... Read full article
Source: TU Wien

Process design for a BIM-based Material Passport

Buildings and infrastructure make up the bulk of the material stock in an industrial economy. Given the growing consumption of primary raw materials worldwide, the existing building ..... Read full article
Source: IBO

Missing link in planning carbon-dioxide-neutral buildings

Building Information Modelling (BIM) makes it possible to take environmental and sustainability aspects into account as early as the phase of planning a building, so as to ..... Read full article
RGB orthophotos and thermal recordings, Source: Project HOTSPOTS

New tools for thermal analysis of urban districts

Improving energy efficiency is an essential part of a forward-looking urban planning. To identify energy losses and potential for improvements, cities need suitable data on the existing ..... Read full article

Univ.Prof. Gerald Goger / TU Wien, Institute of Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management

You research data-based modelling, simulation and improvement of construction processes. In the planning and erection of buildings, which steps benefit particularly from digitization?Planning benefits in particular from ..... Read full article

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