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Dry slag granulation pilot facility at voestalpine blast furnace, photo: Primetals Technologies

Pioneering industrial energy technologies
Innovations on the way to low-carbon industry

Austrian industry is very productive and makes a substantial contribution to value creation and employment. Energy and raw-material-intensive sectors play an important part here. In collaboration with ..... Read full article
Slag flowing to granulator, photo: Primetals Technologies

Targets and strategies
for pioneering industrial production

Austrian industry is a significant and very productive economic factor, making a vital contribution to growth and securing jobs. In 2016 almost 415,000 people were employed in ..... Read full article
Lower part of the research plant without thermal insulation, photo: TU Wien

Carbon-dioxide-neutral hydrogen from biomass for steelmaking

At the Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Biological Engineering of TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), in collaboration with voestalpine, work is currently in progress on further ..... Read full article
Pilot facility, photo: Primetals Technologies

Dry granulation of blast-furnace slag with heat recovery

For each tonne of pig-iron produced in a blast furnace, the process results in roughly 300 kg of hot, molten slag as a by-product, mainly consisting of ..... Read full article
Production facility at MPREIS, photo: Thomas Jantscher

Balanced Manufacturing

With energy costs going up and consumers making more responsible choices, energy efficiency in production is now a decisive competitive advantage for many manufacturers. Methods and tools ..... Read full article
Photo: Zinner, Wienerberger

Efficient drying with vapour-compression heat pumps in industry

Desiccating and drying products are among the most energy-intensive industrial processes, accounting for up to 25 % of total energy consumption in industry around the world. Roughly ..... Read full article

Expert Interview
Franz Androsch, Head of Group Research voestalpine Group

voestalpine is not only a technological leader as regards upmarket steel products, but is also among the front runners in its field as regards energy efficiency and ..... Read full article

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