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Parallel bioreactor system for lab-scale fermentation Photo: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Institute for Environmental Biotechnology

Efficient use of biogenic resources 
Current research and technology development

For a sustainable, climate-friendly economic system it is essential to put biogenic raw materials to work in such a way that no resources are wasted. Austrian researchers ..... Read full article
Laboratory, Photo: University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Make better use of biomass
New approaches for bio-based industries

In the context of the energy policy turnaround we need to face the issue of how to make the best, most resource-efficient use of agricultural and forestry ..... Read full article
Reactor in bio-based fermentation pilot plant, Photo: Egon Fischer, Fischermedia

Bioplastics from sugar-industry byproducts

In the ValorPlast project researchers at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences‘ Institute for Environmental Biotechnology are investigating how to transform sugar-industry byproducts into biopolymers. ..... Read full article
Laboratory, Photo: Botres Global GmbH

Integrated biorefinery to process residues

RERA-pro, a project headed by the Styrian firm Botres Global GmbH, is concerned with research leading to an integrated biorefinery to process residues on an industrial scale. ..... Read full article
Photo: University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Using biogenic substances when timber is dried

When woodland biomass, sawn timber and byproducts of sawing are dried, various constituents accumulate that have received little attention up to now. These substances have considerable potential ..... Read full article
Hydrophobic DES (Deep Eutectic Solvent), Photo: TU Eindhoven

Environmentally friendly solvents for the paper industry

Along with the steel and cement industries, the paper industry is a major energy consumer. For centuries the pulp and paper industry has been based on biomass. ..... Read full article

IEA Bioenergy Task 42

Austrian researchers participate in the Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) via the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology`s IEA research ..... Read full article
Degree course “Industrial Biotechnology”, Photo: University of Applied Sciences, Biberach

Expert Interview
Heike Frühwirth, University of Applied Sciences, Biberach

You teach at Biberach University of Applied Sciences in the degree course “Industrial Biotechnology” and are concerned with pioneering processes serving to utilize raw materials sustainably. Which ..... Read full article

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