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Photo: Projektfabrik Waldhör KG

Innovations for the city of tomorrow
Smart strategies, technologies and system solutions from Austria

In future more and more people will live in urban areas. As the most important living environment and economic framework, cities are responsible for the greater part ..... Read full article
Photo: Climate & Energy Fund/Hans Ringhofer

Innovations for the Smart City
National and international activities

According to UN forecasts we can expect a world population of nine billion people in 2050, 70 % of them in cities. Urban growth, globalization, demographic shifts ..... Read full article
Photo: Institute of Building Construction and Technology, Vienna University of Technology

Plants on buildings and PV modules

Quality of life in cities requires multifunctional system solutions with which energy can be captured, heating and cooling energy consumption reduced, air quality improved and noise abated. ..... Read full article
Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg, Photo: Robert Freund

Kolpinghaus Salzburg
In transit to an energy-surplus building

In 2016 the Eco-Suite Hotel, an extension to the Salzburg Kolpinghaus, was opened. The existing building, which functions as a hostel for young people and as a ..... Read full article
Source: Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH

Increasing density with energy-self-sufficient units

„Roofbox“ has been developed as a way of providing high-grade housing with a built-in energy supply system rapidly and making better use of existing urban infrastructure to ..... Read full article
Source: ecop Technologies GmbH

Potentials for power-to-heat in urban areas

As the share of electricity generated from renewables increases, while inevitably fluctuating, there is a growing need to make the demand for electricity more flexible. Surveys in ..... Read full article

Open Heat Grid
Using waste heat from industry in hybrid grids

To date, grids for heat, electricity and gas are almost entirely separate; however, new technological developments make it possible to link these grids up closely bidirectionally. Hybrid ..... Read full article
Source: PRISMA

Energy from Lake Constance

As part of the Smart City Rheintal project the urban quarter SEESTADT Bregenz will be realized: a pioneering, diversified neighbourhood, closely linked to the existing town. To ..... Read full article
Photo: Salzburg AG

Rosa Zukunft
Buildings as interactive participants in a Smart Grid

The share of electricity generated from renewables is constantly increasing, with many small-scale local suppliers and a fluctuating total supply level. Buildings of the future will not ..... Read full article
Photo: Projektfabrik Waldhör KG

Flagship project
Smart City Demo Aspern

The urban development project aspern – Vienna’s Urban Lakeside is a large-scale implementation of the Smart City approach in Austria. The development is meant to show how ..... Read full article

ERA-NET Smart Grids Plus

  www.eranet-smartgridsplus.eu As part of this research initiative, which is funded by the EU Commission, a permanent cooperation structure linking national and regional Smart Grid programmes in ..... Read full article
Salzburg district Schallmoos, Photo; SIR

Smart City Salzburg
Pioneering strategies and projects

In recent years the city of Salzburg has acted as a pioneer in several energy relevant policy areas. With numerous climate protection projects to its credit, and ..... Read full article
Photo: Projektfabrik Waldhör KG

Strategies for Smart City Vienna

Smart City Vienna is all about a sustainable energy system, intelligent transport services and efficient urban and building structures to make the city worth living in. With ..... Read full article
Photo: Österreichische Energieagentur

Urban pv+geotherm
Producing energy sustainably in the city

Supplying urban districts with locally available energy from renew-ables is a very promising option for the city of the future. In densely built-up urban areas implementing energy ..... Read full article
Source: markus pernthaler architekten zt gmbh

Sustainable energy production at district level

West of the main rail station in Graz the first Smart City district is taking shape; here new energy technologies for intelligent cities self-sufficient in energy are ..... Read full article
Energy supply using solar power, Hallwang community centre, Photo: Adrian Kuster, Millstatt

Storing heat in structural elements
Buildings as energy storage facilities

An effective way of making buildings more energy-efficient is to store heat in concrete structural elements. To do this, pipe arrays are laid in concrete structural elements ..... Read full article
The Graz-Reininghaus urban development area, Photo: Martin Grabner

Smart Services
Business models for resource-optimated urban energy systems

To realize pioneering technologies and solutions for the Smart City, novel service approaches and business models, so-called “Smart Services“, must be developed and tested. A project headed ..... Read full article
PV modules at a Klagenfurt retail park, Photo: IEV AG

Business models for generating and distributing electricity locally

Up to now electricity generated locally with PV has either been consumed by the owner of the property himself or fed into the public power grid. No ..... Read full article

Brigitte Bach

Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.Mehr erfahren Video laden YouTube immer entsperren Brigitte BachHead of Energy Department, AIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyVideo ..... Read full article

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