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Solar heating – a technology of the future
Innovations from Austria

Austrian firms play an important part in the European market for solar thermal technologies. Almost one third of the solar collectors in place in Europe have been ..... Read full article
Photo: Climate- and Energyfund / Ringhofer

Using heat from the sun –
strategies for expanding solar thermal energy

Heat from the sun has tremendous potential, since it is available in virtually unlimited quantity and can be integrated satisfactorily both in existing and in future energy ..... Read full article
Renovated building Johann-Böhm-Straße, Kapfenberg; Photos: AEE INTEC

Renovating large-volume buildings
with solar heating

Just how efficient solar heating can be in supplying heat is revealed by the innovative way a block of flats in Kapfenberg (Styria) has been renovated (architecture: ..... Read full article
Photo: Fleischwaren Berger

Solar collectors for process heat in industry

The EU project “InSun – Industrial Process Heat by Solar Collectors” (which has received funding from the EU‘s Seventh Research Framework Programme) is focussed on demonstrating large-scale ..... Read full article
2014 installed field of solar collectors (2 480 m2) at the area of AEVG-Fernheizwerk Graz, Photo: S.O.L.I.D.

20 % solar energy for district heating in Graz

Today district heating covers 39 % of the demand for heat in Graz (around 1 000 GWh in 2013). It is planned to expand the district heating grid ..... Read full article
Photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Ringhofer

Polymer-based innovations for solar technology

SolPol is the largest research initiative anywhere in the world concerned with polymer-based innovations for solar technology. Since 2009 scientists at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz have ..... Read full article
Photo: Sunlumo

Low-cost solar systems
to supply energy worldwide

The Austrian technology company SUNLUMO is currently at work on getting a low-cost, plastic-based “One World Solar Collector” to the market. This resource-conserving alternative to conventional collectors ..... Read full article

Interview with an expert
Sabine Putz, Head of R&D at S.O.L.I.D. Solar Installation and Design

With its know-how for large-scale solar facilities S.O.L.I.D. is one of the leading companies in the solar technology sector. How do you see the solar thermal market ..... Read full article

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