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Model of active heat storage system SandTES Photo: Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics

Storage technologies
for a sustainable energy system

As the share of fluctuating, decentral supplies of energy such as wind and solar power increases, major new challenges to our energy system present themselves. Pioneering technologies ..... Read full article
Upper and lower basin of Limberg II pumped storage plant, Austria, Photo: Voith press image

Energy storage
Key technologies for the energy policy turnaround

Climate change, and the fact that we shall run out of fossil sources of energy, make it necessary to rethink our energy supply systems completely. It will ..... Read full article
Powertower small-scale test, Photo: Innsbruck University

Large-scale hydraulic storage facility to store electricity locally

At Innsbruck University a pioneering system to store electricity  locally is currently being developed and demonstrated in the  hydraulic engineering field. The Powertower is a hydraulic energy ..... Read full article
Photo: S.O.L.I.D. – Gesellschaft für Solarinstallation und Design mbH

Flagship project Tes4seT
New thermal energy storage devices for buildings, industry and transport

Innovative technologies to store thermal energy over the short and long term are essential for energy security and for making energy conversion, energy distribution and end use ..... Read full article
Source: TU Vienna

SEES & ScAcaes
Neue Technologien zur Druckluftspeicherung

One promising technology for storing electricity is adiabatic compressed-air energy storage, which can be used to supplement pumped-storage facilities on an industrial scale; it achieves up to ..... Read full article
Photo: Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH

On-site consumption cluster
Increasing on-site consumption by means of building clusters and active storage

If more of energy generated from renewables were consumed on-site, problems due to fluctuating rates of feed in to the grid (such as voltage ups and downs, ..... Read full article

Feasibility study S-chameleonStore
Control platform for multifunctional battery storage systems

The spread of battery storage systems is inhibited by the substantial investment required. Beside of the hardware, configuring a customized storage system is one of the largest ..... Read full article

Expert Interview
Barbara Schmidt - Oesterreichs Energie

Storage technologies in the energy system of the future What changes will our energy systems undergo in future? Will we be able to make more use of ..... Read full article

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