to Issue 4/2015

Study “Stromspeicher 2050”
Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives
Contact: Gerhard Totschnig

Smart Grid Strategy Process 2.0
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Division of Energy and Environmental Technologies
Contact: Michael Hübner

Innsbruck University, Hydraulic Engineering Team
Contact: Markus Aufleger

AEE INTEC – Institute for Sustainable Technologies
Contact: Wim van Helden

University of Applied Sciences, Vienna
Department of Renewable Energy
Contact: Kurt Leonhartsberger

SEES and ScAcaes
Vienna University of Technology
Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics
Contact: Markus Haider

Eigenlast Cluster (On-site Consumption Cluster)
Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
Contact: Josef Bruckner