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Biobased Industry
Austrian strategies for producing from renewable raw materials

Sustainable strategies for industry, making increasing use of biogenic raw materials and sources of energy, are among the key elements of the ecologically sound economic system that ..... Read full article
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Sustainability in industry
Strategies for biobased production

The expression “biobased industry” is used to refer to producing material goods from biomass; the focus is on utilizing non-fossil, biogenic carbon as material and on using ..... Read full article
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for biobased industry in Austria

The RTI strategy drawn up by ÖGUT (Austrian Society for Environment and Technology) presents possible developments in the fields of supplying raw materials, of process engineering and ..... Read full article
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Using lignified biomass as raw material

The projects LIGNO I and II are intended to develop strategies for the complete use of lignified biomass as raw material, they are being carried out by ..... Read full article

Expert Interview: Franz Latzko
Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry (FCIO), on opportunities and perspectives for biobased industry

Biobased products derived (partly or entirely) from renewable raw materials may well gain considerably in importance in future. How do you see the opportunities for biobased industry ..... Read full article
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Industrielle Verwertung von Biogas und Gärresten

Die Nutzung von Biogas aus organischen Reststoffen als Kohlendioxid (CO2)-neutraler Brennstoff in der Zementproduktion wird in einem Projekt der Montanuniversität Leoben, Lehrstuhl für Verfahrenstechnik des industriellen Umweltschutzes ..... Read full article
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Maximizing the yield of amino acids in green biorefineries

In a green biorefinery lactic acid, amino acids, sugars and sulphates are obtained as products from grass silage. To achieve this, silage is pressed and the substances ..... Read full article

International R & D activities
to do with biobased industry

At the European level further development of biobased industry and biobased products is being promoted systematically. Austrian researchers and enterprises are participating in various international research activities. ..... Read full article

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