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Wind2Hydrogen- pilot plant at the OMV site in Auersthal, Lower Austria Photo: OMV

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology
in the energy and transport systems of the future

As our energy and transport systems are being transformed, making increasing use of renewable sources of energy, hydrogen becomes much more important as a chemical storage medium ..... Read full article
Photo: Ringhofer, Climate and Energy Fund

Hydrogen and fuel cell
key technologies in an integrated energy system

Hydrogen as a climate-neutral secondary energy storage medium and fuel cells as ultra-efficient energy converters are potentially important components in a sustainable, competitive and environmentally friendly energy ..... Read full article

Flagship project
Underground SUN.STORAGE

Compared with the storage technologies currently available for electricity, gas grids have enormous storage capacity. If electricity is converted into hydrogen, the existing infrastructure for natural gas, ..... Read full article
OMV hydrogen filling station, Photo: OMV

Wind2Hydrogen (W2H)
Pilot plant to generate hydrogen from renewables

The aim of the power-to-gas development thrust is to couple the electricity and natural-gas grids together. A key element in the forthcoming system are flexible, efficient, cost-effective ..... Read full article
HylyPure test facility at the Vienna University of Technology, Photo: IVT TU Vienna

Recovering green hydrogen without wasting energy

The Wind2Hydrogen strategy involves storing hydrogen in the natural-gas grid and delivering it (mixed with natural gas) to individual consumers at low cost. For the hydrogen to ..... Read full article
Truck with hydrogen unit, Photo: HyCentA Research GmbH

Fuel cell range extender for pallet trucks

In the largest market for electric powertrains, the pallet truck segment (in 2011 the worldwide sales volume came to 950,000 units), exclusively battery-powered vehicles cause limited productivity, ..... Read full article
SOFC APU system, Photo: AVL

ASys I & II
Fuel cell technology for mobile generators

The mobile generators used for air conditioning and to power electrical appliances in long-range goods vehicles, caravans or boats when these are stationary, feature internal-combustion engines that ..... Read full article

International research on fuel cell technology

The Implementing Agreement “Advanced Fuel Cells (AFC)” of the International Energy Agency (IEA) is intended to boost the development of key components and systems for fuel cells ..... Read full article

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