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The Franciscan Monastery in Graz, , Source: Alexander Gebetsroither

Innovation meets tradition
Pioneering technologies for renovating historic buildings sustainably

Renovating the fabric of old, historically valuable buildings to today‘s standards of energy efficiency is a controversial issue in European towns and cities. The goal is to ..... Read full article
Franciscan Monastery in Graz: solar panels, window arrangement

New technologies and concepts
for renovating old buildings

Energy-efficient building technologies and renewable sources of energy are in widespread use today for new builds. However, existing buildings possess considerable potential – as yet unused – ..... Read full article
Kaiserstraße Wien, Quelle: Architekten Kronreif_Trimmel & Partner

Flagship Project GdZ
A future for Austrian “Gründerzeit” buildings

In Austria a substantial portion of the building stock dates from the “Gründerzeit” period between 1848 and 1918; typical features are elaborate stucco façades, high ceilings and ..... Read full article

Interview with Walter Hütter, e7
on the opportunities and risks involved in renovating historic buildings

What part does renovating the fabric of historic buildings play in shaping our urban environment sustainably?Historic buildings form a significant part of our cultural heritage. In many ..... Read full article
Kaiserstraße Wien, Quelle: Architekten Kronreif_Trimmel & Partner

A future for “Gründerzeit” buildings
Demonstration projects

The demonstration buildings renovated in the course of this flagship project reflect the wide variety of building functions in the period between 1848 and 1918. As well ..... Read full article
Kaiserstraße Wien, Quelle: Architekten Kronreif_Trimmel & Partner

Demonstration project Kaiserstraße / 1070 Vienna
Ambitious renovation in compliance with rules for listed buildings

This listed building is part of a complex belonging to the Order of the Lazarites;  a conservation order applies to the façade, which features exposed brickwork. It ..... Read full article
Foto: Andreas Kronberger, Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Demonstration project Eberlgasse / 1020 Vienna
First-ever renovation of a “Gründerzeit” building to Passive House standard

When this building (erected in 1898, damaged in the Second World War and later rebuilt) was renovated, the focus was on achieving Passive House standard. The building‘s ..... Read full article
Illustration: Architekturbüro Treberspurg & Partner

Demonstration project David’s Corner / 1100 Vienna
Comprehensive strategy for renovating a group of “Gründerzeit” buildings

This group of three buildings form the corner of a typical perimeter block development in Vienna; one of them has a segmented façade worth conserving. The goal ..... Read full article
Wißgrillgasse Wien, Dachbodenausbau, Quelle: Ulreich Bauträger GmbH

Demonstration project ROOFJET Wißgrillgasse / 1140 Vienna
Factor-8 renovation with ultra-efficient attic conversion

This building, in Penzing, was put up around 1900; the main building, with its segmented façade, faces onto the street, with a courtyard wing joined on via ..... Read full article
Franziskanerkloster Graz, Foto: TU Graz, IWT

Research for listed buildings that point the way ahead

The research project “denkmalaktiv” is intended to harmonize the aim of conserving listed buildings with technical requirements for energy-efficient renovation. The scope of the project covers identifying ..... Read full article
Franziskanerkloster Graz, fassadenintegrierte Solarkollektoren (derzeitiger Sanierungsstand) unten: Bauteilheizung und Heizraum mit Wärmepumpen,Foto: AEE INTEC

Vision of zero-emission standard

The renovation of the Franciscan Monastery in Graz is an impressive example of implementing a sustainable renovation strategy  in difficult circumstances. Together with the Franciscan church and ..... Read full article
Franz Jonas Europaschule Wien, Quelle: Wikimedia

Renovating schools to energy surplus standard

Every year the central government and the Austrian provinces  invest several million Euro in maintaining school buildings. Thus there is plenty of potential for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. ..... Read full article

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