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LifeCycle Tower LCT ONE, Source: Cree GmbH © Daniel Flax

Active Buildings
Building and renovating with innovative technologies

In Europe raising and lowering temperatures in buildings accounts for 49 % of total energy consumption. The energy efficiency of buildings is a key element in the ..... Read full article
Source: Cree GmbH © Norman A. Müller

Energy efficiency 2020
New technologies for intelligent Buildings of Tomorrow

Today more than 50 % of the world‘s population lives in cities with more than a million inhabitants, and the proportion is increasing. The building sector is ..... Read full article
Source: Cree GmbH © Norman A. Müller

LifeCycle Tower LCT ONE
Timber-hybrid multistorey building, a prototype for sustainable construction

The eight-storey LifeCycle Tower LCT ONE, built by Cree GmbH in Dornbirn and opened in November 2012, is the first building worldwide to feature the unique modular ..... Read full article
Source: Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH

Energy surplus renovation Kapfenberg

A building with a really well-insulated building envelope, providing more energy over twelve months than its occupants need for  heating, hot water and electricity, is known as ..... Read full article

Interview with Karl Höfler, AEE Intec
on trends and potential in the field of sustainable building

Which technologies and design ideas for buildings do you regard as particularly crucial for the future?In the near future sustainably renovating the existing stock of buildings thermally ..... Read full article
Photo: © Hans Ringhofer

Weber energy surplus house
Renovating a historic farmstead

With buildings of historic value but in poor condition structurally and energy-wise, thermal renovation is a real challenge both at the planning and at the execution stage. ..... Read full article
Source: Vienna Business Agency © Kurt Kuball

aspern IQ
Technology centre to energy surplus standard

aspern – Vienna‘s Urban Lakeside is one of the largest and most innovative urban development projects in Europe. The new urban district will provide top-grade infrastructure, real ..... Read full article
ENERGYbase, Source: Vienna Business Agency

ENERGYbase solar façade

In developing the aspern IQ project the Vienna Business Agency was able to build on experience gained with the ENERGYbase office building, which had been completed in ..... Read full article

IEA research collaboration
More energy efficiency in buildings and communities

The International Energy Agency (IEA) directs its R&D activities towards developing and disseminating efficient technologies for generating and using energy. Austrian experts from the areas of research, ..... Read full article

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