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Climate-neutral city
Strategies and examples for sustainable urban development

Whether its reducing the energy consumption of buildings, developing clean mobility solutions or creating an integrated waste and recycling system, cities face many challenges today and are ..... Read full article
Due to usage density and short distances, urban spaces offer great prospects for conserving resources and saving the environment. Photos: stock.adobe.com

On the path towards climate neutrality
Cities in the fight to save the climate

Over half of the world population now lives in cities or population centres. In Europe, this figure is already at 75 %, and the trend is rising around ..... Read full article
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„Wir inHAUSer“ Salzburg
Model renovation and redensification project in subsidised housing

When it comes to the renovation of residential areas and urban quarters, the goal is not merely to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings and lower ..... Read full article
Building in the “Smart City Baumgarten” district, Image: aap.architekten ZT-GmbH

SmartCity Baumgarten
Anergy network in an existing district of Vienna

In Smart City Baumgarten in Vienna’s 14th district, the residences should in future be supplied with heating, cooling and electricity via an anergy network spanning the various ..... Read full article

Nina M. Mostegl - SIR - Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing

How active are Austria’s cities and communities when it comes to moving towards climate neutrality? Although we don’t have a standard definition, climate neutrality sets the overall ..... Read full article
Boulevard Melk 2 ha, 18,000 m2 GFA, non-residential use, 150 residents, 2023 to 2026 Melk South 60 ha, 350,000 m2 GFA, residential use, 2,700 residents, 2025 to 2040 Background picture: atlas.noe.gv.at/basemap.at

Positive energy district Melk
Roadmap for climate-friendly urban development areas

With the slogan “Climate Fitness for Melk,” the municipality of Melk is establishing targeted initiatives to bring it closer to climate neutrality. The first steps were taken ..... Read full article
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Complete concept for a pioneering residential neighbourhood

In a project initiated by the association “Garten der Generationen” (Garden of Generations), a sustainable residential quarter is being built in Herzogenburg, Lower Austria, over the course ..... Read full article

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