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Photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Ringhofer

Digital technologies
for making the most out of renewable energy sources

Digitalisation is an enabler and driver of the energy transition and is playing a key role in our efforts to make our energy system climate-neutral by 2040. ..... Read full article
Digitalization graphic

A driver and enabler for the energy transition

The European and national climate targets – climate neutrality by 2050 in the EU and by 2040 in Austria – are necessitating a root-and-branch transformation of the ..... Read full article
Reservoir in the Alps, photo: TU Wien

Digitalisation and data analysis as the basis for new strategies in hydropower

Hydropower is a key pillar of the energy supply in Austria, which generates around 60 per cent of its electricity from hydroelectric power plants. There are currently ..... Read full article
Rotation heat pump, photo: ecop

Digital twin for optimising technical control of a rotation heat pump

Conventional compression heat pumps have been little used in industry up until now because their thermodynamic properties significantly limit their usefulness in industrial processes. Rotation heat pumps ..... Read full article
PV modules lit with ultraviolet light/UV fluorescence (UVF) method for detecting effects of ageing, photo: AIT/B. Kubicek

Models for forecasting the ageing of PV systems

Reliability tests and modelling to analyse new combinations of materials in PV systems have become increasingly important in order to prevent photovoltaic power plants from suffering over ..... Read full article
Wind turbines free of ice, photo: VERBUND

Smart operation of rotor blade heating systems on wind turbines

Making up around 10 per cent of the electricity mix, wind power is an important source of renewable energy in Austria. In a project entitled SOWINDIC (Smart ..... Read full article

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