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Integrated energy systems
Citizens take an active role in the energy transition

The “Green Energy Lab” is Austria’s largest living lab to research and test exciting new concepts and solutions for an energy system of the future that runs ..... Read full article
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Shaping the future of energy
Involving users in the innovation process

To meet the challenges posed by climate change and the destruction of the environment, the European Union launched a new growth strategy in late 2019. The European “Green ..... Read full article
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Green Energy Lab
Austria’s largest "living lab" for green energy

The Green Energy Lab is a research initiative for sustainable energy solutions and part of the Austrian “Flagship Region Energy” innovation campaign being run by the Climate ..... Read full article
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Hybrid DH DEMO
New business models for wind power in the Neusiedl energy hub

Wind power will have an important role to play in the future energy scenario involving 100% renewable energy. The state of Burgenland has been expanding the use ..... Read full article
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Heat Water Storage Pooling
Heat storages for a more flexible energy system

In order to optimise local and regional energy systems with a high percentage of renewable energy, consumption has to be made flexible. One way to introduce this ..... Read full article
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Regional Renewable Energy Cells

A highly practical system for regional grids that combines and optimises the generation, storage and consumption of power. As part of the transnational research project R2EC, researchers ..... Read full article
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New market designs for optimised local and regional energy systems

BEYOND is a response to the complex challenges in the energy market: the growing share of renewables in the energy mix, the large number of decentralised feed-ins, ..... Read full article
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Zukunftsquartier 2.0
Integrating positive energy districts into power grids and heating networks

Positive energy districts have the potential to become key components of a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply in urban areas. Positive energy districts (PED) are areas ..... Read full article

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