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Photo: TU Wien

University Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building
Innovations for buildings in practice

The Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building of TU Wien (University of Technology Vienna), completed in 2014, is a pioneering example of sustainable construction and renovation in office buildings. ..... Read full article
Foyer, Photo: Waldhör KG

Interdisciplinary research & planning
for the plus-energy building strategy

In Austria sustainable, energy-efficient building designs have got in place the recent years, mainly for residential buildings. The low-energy and zero-energy standards are already in widespread use ..... Read full article
Transparent PV panels at stairwell, Photo: Waldhör KG

Energy Strategy
Plus-Energy in office buildings

A plus-energy building supplies more energy than it consumes on an annual basis. “Energy consumed” comprises the energy the building needs for basic functions, such as heating, ..... Read full article
Corridor with LED-lights, Photo: Waldhör KG

Energy Balance Sheet
Maximum energy efficiency throughout the whole building

In the course of the renovation project numerous engineering solutions and new utilization concepts were developed and implemented. For office buildings to meet plus-energy standard, their energy ..... Read full article

Expert Interview
CEO Hans-Peter Weiss BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.

In constructing and renovating public buildings BIG sets value on high quality standards and sustainability. Are the solutions developed for TU Wien’s Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building scalable? ..... Read full article

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