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Smart grids for a sustainable energy supply system
Current strategies and solutions

Smart grids are intelligent system solutions that can make a decisive contribution to evolve sustainable energy systems. National and international activities for research and technological development in ..... Read full article
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Strategy finding process for tomorrow‘s sustainable energy system

Smart grid technologies and approaches can play a vital part in sustainable energy systems; they help to cope with the challenges we face as the number of ..... Read full article

Hemma Bieser, avantsmart

You are coordinator and chair of the smart service activities within the strategy finding process Smart Grids 2.0. Why are new services and business models so important ..... Read full article
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Smart Services
for tomorrow`s energy system

More and more people are investing in renewables and energy efficiency, and will become active participants in the energy system. The digital transformation of the systems provides ..... Read full article
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Smart grids
for reducing backup capacities

With the increasing share of renewable energy in power generation, it may be necessary in future to provide backup capacity in the form of rapid-response power stations, ..... Read full article
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Analysing potential for rescheduling loads in the smart grid

Strategies for rescheduling loads in the grid – alongside network expansion, pioneering storage technologies and implementing new measuring, information and communication technologies – can help to ensure ..... Read full article
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Flexible tariffs
to direct load flows in the power supply system

Intelligent grids, smart meters and equipping buildings with modern devices that can be actuated by means of information and communication technology (smart homes/smart buildings) are an excellent ..... Read full article

Expert interview
Helfried Brunner, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

You are actively involved in the Austrian strategy finding process Smart Grids 2.0 and have been in charge of the work on the Strategic Research Agenda. What ..... Read full article

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