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Worldwide collaboration on research for the future of our energy supply
Austria‘s contributions as part of the International Energy Agency‘s Energy Technology Network

Austria has been a member of the International Energy Agency (IEA) since it was launched in 1974, and has increasingly contributed to international collaboration on research in ..... Read full article
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Worldwide dissemination of knowledge for our future supply of energy

Until the mid 1970‘s energy supply policy was a side issue for the industrialized nations: all the energy services needed could be provided with the fossil sources ..... Read full article
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The IEA‘s Energy Technology Network
Organizing energy research internationally

In the IEA all decisions are taken by the member states. The highest level of decision is the Governing Board, which meets regularly to set strategic priorities ..... Read full article

Experts Interview
DI Michael Paula

Michael Paula, Head of the Department for Energy and Environmental Technology in bmvit, Austria‘s representative in CERT and responsible for setting priorities and for funding in Austria for ..... Read full article
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More electricity from the sun
Integrating photovoltaic equipment in power networks in the best possible way

Enlarging the share of electricity generated from renewable sources of energy is central to achieving international goals in energy and environmental policy. Photovoltaics (PV) are a key  ..... Read full article
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Wind power
in cold climates

Wind power is growing into a significant economic factor in  Austria. In 2013 suppliers in this field notched up a turnover of more than 600 million Euro, ..... Read full article
36,300 m2 PV facility in Riad, Saudi Arabia, photo: Millennium Energy Industries

Heating and cooling
with solar energy

According to the IEA Technology Roadmap “Solar Heating and Cooling”, the energy required for heat in buildings and industry accounts for nearly 50 % of global end-use ..... Read full article
Professor Gerhard Faninger Fakultät für Interdisziplinäre Forschung und Fortbildung - Klagenfurt / Wien Institut für Organisationsentwicklung, Gruppendynamik und Interventionsforschung Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt founding member of the IEA’s SHC Solar Heating and Cooling Programme Fotos: Nick Waldhör

Experts Interview
Professor Gerhard Faninger

What were the motives for setting the IEA research network  up in the 1970’s?With the first oil (price) shock in the mid 1970’s it dawned on the ..... Read full article
Biorefinery in Utzenaich, photo: ÖGUT

Using biomass sustainably
Paths to the “BioEconomy”

In recent years there has been a growing trend around the world toward using renewable raw materials. In particular, using solid, liquid or gaseous biomass to generate ..... Read full article

IEA Greenhouse Gas R & D programme

Diminishing greenhouse gas emissions is essential if using fossil sources of energy is to be harmonized with national and international climate protection goals. In the IEA Greenhouse ..... Read full article
Biomass power plant in Güssing, photo: EEE European Centre for Renewable Energy

IEA Fluidized Bed Conversion

An overview of the state of fluidized bed conversion R&D around the world, and of ways of applying it in energy engineering, is provided by the IEA ..... Read full article
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Sustainable strategies
for buildings and communities

There is plenty of potential for saving energy in the building  sector. Roughly 40 % of overall primary energy consumption is  accounted for by space heating and ..... Read full article
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Energy-Efficient End-use Equipment

The technology initiative “Energy Efficient End-use Equipment” (4E) was launched in 2008 with the aim of encouraging the spread of ultra-efficient electric end-use equipment in the IEA ..... Read full article

Heat pumps
in smart energy networks

Heat pumps take ambient heat from the air outdoors, the water table or the soil and raise its temperature with the aid of advanced technology, so that ..... Read full article

Smart Grid Technologies
for an intelligent energy system

With PV and wind power in more and more widespread use, electricity generation is being decentralized to some extent, while the amount of electricity on offer fluctuates ..... Read full article
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Pioneering Power Supply System
with Demand Side Management

In power supply systems generation and consumption must be kept in equilibrium at every time. Up till now power supply has as a general rule tracked demand, ..... Read full article

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