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High-pressure heat storage facility at Simmering power station Photo: Wien Energie/Ian Ehm

Tomorrow‘s heating networks
Austrian system solutions for sustainable energy supply in urban areas

More than 70 % of Europe‘s population live in urban areas. If we are to achieve our climate policy goals and ensure a reliable supply of energy ..... Read full article
Vienna, Source: Digitalpress, fotolia.de

Research & technological development
for supplying heat in cities

Urban technologies are particularly challenging, since they require various technological approaches to be integrated into a highly efficient comprehensive system. In a pioneering urban energy  supply system ..... Read full article
Energy-surplus cluster Reininghaus South, source: DI Martin Grabner

ECR Energy City Graz-Reininghaus
Urban strategies for a district self-sufficient in energy

In the ECR flagship project the City of Graz (Stadtbaudirektion), the Province of Styria and researchers from Graz University of Technology (the Institutes of Urbanism, of Thermal ..... Read full article
Low Energy Building, Source: Tiberius Gracchus, fotolia.de

Energy cascading in urban district heating systems

High system temperatures in district heating networks lead to fairly substantial heat distribution losses, and reduce the potential of renewable sources of energy and of waste heat ..... Read full article
District Heating Network - Building connection, Source: Ashkan Nasirkhani, fotolia.de

Low-temperature district heating for Austria

High-temperature district heating is often not an economical way of meeting the modest demand for heat in passive and low-energy houses; in relation to the heat consumed ..... Read full article
Construction of the high-pressure heat storage facility in progress, source: Wien Energie/Ian Ehm

More efficient use of energy by means of heat storage
in the Vienna district heating network

More than 330,000 households in Vienna and more than 5,600 major consumers are supplied with heat for space heating and hot water via the Vienna district heating ..... Read full article
From consumer to prosumer (top: conventional network, bottom: Bi-directional tying of a building), source: AEE NÖ-Wien

Bi-directional tying of buildings with heat supply into heating networks

As part of a project headed by AEE NÖ-Wien, technical and economic aspects of integrating local heat suppliers (solar collector systems, biomass power plants and sources of ..... Read full article

IEA Research Collaboration
New materials for compact thermal energy storage

Heat storage is an important technology when it comes to making more use of renewables for supplying energy in future. Long-term heat or cold storage is essential ..... Read full article

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