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Energie Pölstal, Climate and energy showcase region, Photo: Climate and Energy Fund/Ringhofer

Making electricity networks flexible
New Austrian technologies and concepts for tomorrow‘s energy supply system

An ”intelligent electricity network” brings all players in the electricity market together into a comprehensive system optimized for all market participants through coordinated interaction of generation, storage, ..... Read full article
Photo: Climate- and Energyfund / Ringhofer

Smart Grid technologies
Part of the sustainable integrated energy system

The massive expansion of solar power, biomass, wind energy and hydropower will lead to decentralized energy generation and weather-dependent fluctuations in electricity supply. An increasing number of ..... Read full article
Photo: Klima- und Energiefonds/Ringhofer

Comprehensive plan for virtual power plants in European markets

In the course of various EU research projects the first few market-driven approaches for virtual power plants have been developed, focussing on trading in selected energy markets. ..... Read full article
Load dispatching center, Salzburg AG; Photo: Andreas Hechenberger

SGMS – Integra
Model for grid-driven and market-driven operation of Smart Grids

The Smart Grid model region Salzburg (SGMS) is the first area in Austria where innovative technologies and solutions from various fields of Smart Grid implementation are systematically ..... Read full article

Network and market conditions in Smart Grids
SGMS – Integra Model

The diagram shows various states of the electricity market resulting from particular network scenarios. Depending on the state of the grid various different energy or system services ..... Read full article

Pioneering control strategies
for a flexible, secure power supply

The modernization of traditional distribution network layouts offers the opportunity to improve the flexibility and supply security of power networks by adopting new control strategies. The implementation ..... Read full article
Foto: Klima- und Energiefonds/Ringhofer

Automated planning of active distribution grid operation

KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH‘s ProAktivNetz project researches how to integrate renewable energy sources (photovoltaics, wind and hydropower) under all circumstances (e.g. maintainance work or occasional disruptions) which might ..... Read full article

Opportunities and perspectives

Interview with Angela Berger, CEO Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria In recent years Austria has invested a lot in researching, developing and demonstrating Smart Grid technologies. How successful have ..... Read full article

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