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simpliCIS – flexible epitaxial solar cells, , Source: © Ringhofer/Climate and Energy Fund

Photovoltaics – technology for tomorrow
Forschung und innovative Entwicklungen aus Österreich

Photovoltaics (PV) are going to play an increasingly important role as an energy source in the future. PV has the greatest technical potential, across Europe but also ..... Read full article
Source: © Ringhofer/Climate and Energy Fund

More electricity from sunlight
International and national developments in the field of photovoltaics

In its “BLUE Map” scenario, which defines a path for achieving the goals set by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, ..... Read full article
Andreas Zimmermann of Sunplugged with flexible simpliCIS epitaxial solar cells, Source: © Ringhofer/Climate and Energy Fund

simpliCIS – flexible epitaxial solar cells
for integrating into buildings, appliances and vehicles

These days PV modules almost always look just the same: silicon wafers shimmering bluish under glass on the roofs of houses or in large solar arrays. This ..... Read full article
Christina Schinagl of ISOVOLTAIC with a flexible solar module Source: © Ringhofer/Climate and Energy Fund

Flexible PV systems

The Austrian company ISOVOLTAIC, the worldwide market and technology leader in developing and manufacturing backsheets for PV modules, is concerned with researching and developing new, cost-efficient technologies ..... Read full article
Symo power inverter, Source: Fronius International GmbH

Voltage control with PV power inverter

FRONIUS INTERNATIONAL GmbH, the largest Austrian producer of power inverters, has a leading position in the world market for solar electronics. Electronic control of PV facilities has ..... Read full article
Source: © Ringhofer/Climate and Energy Fund

Solar-electrical Systems based on Polymeric Materials

Scientists at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) are currently developing new types of polymer for encapsulating  solar cells that perform better and cost less than those ..... Read full article

Interview with O.Univ.-Prof. Reinhold W. Lang
JKU Linz, Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing

How do you rate the chances of solar technologies, in particular photovoltaics, spreading across the globe?With worldwide around 60 % per annum PV has steadily shown the ..... Read full article

Photonics for entirely new management of light in PV modules

As part of a research project with a timeframe of several years JOANNEUM RESEARCH Materials and NanoTecCenter Weiz are working on entirley new approaches to making PV ..... Read full article

IEA collaboration on PV research
Austria‘s participation in international networks

The Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) is the largest PV research platform in the world. Within the framework of the International Energy Agency it is one ..... Read full article

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