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Testing the energy transition in practice
Living laboratories for a climate-neutral energy supply

This special issue explores the idea of a living laboratory for a regional energy supply drawn 100% from renewable sources. Concepts from nine different areas in Austria ..... Read full article

100% Renewable energy supply
How can the energy transition work in practice?

Austria has set some ambitious targets for its climate policy, aiming to become climate-neutral by 2040 and generate all its electricity from renewable sources even sooner, by ..... Read full article

Initial projects for living laboratories for 100% renewable energy

The current call for the flagship initiative will see a number of initial projects given funding over the next few years to set up five living laboratories ..... Read full article

A living laboratory for climate-neutral semi-urban areas

The area between Wattens and Zirl along the Inn valley in Tyrol is home to clusters of mainly small settlements and towns. It is a patchwork of ..... Read full article

LOW TECH inno-lab
Robust solutions for the energy system of tomorrow

This exploratory study is devoted to finding low-tech solutions for climate-friendly and resource-efficient energy systems. As well as requiring the involvement of the energy, transport, agriculture, industry ..... Read full article

A regional “system power plant” for an inner-Alpine region

Inner-Alpine regions are rich in natural resources such as water, sunlight, wind and biomass. The Murau region is aiming to become 100% climate-neutral while also safeguarding energy ..... Read full article

An industrial region on the way to 100% renewable energy

 The district of Murtal in Styria is an industrial region made up of 20 municipalities and home to a large number of high-tech companies. The surrounding countryside ..... Read full article

A scalable concept and digital solutions

REaL is a regional overall concept for making 100% renewable energy a reality by generating it locally and exploiting flexibilities. The chosen region is home to 13 ..... Read full article

between science and practice

Living laboratories are designed to offer a range of tools for tackling social problems at local level together with researchers, scientists and partners such as local authorities, ..... Read full article

An IT concept for a regional renewable energy system

The living laboratory covers 79 municipalities around Hollabrunn, Horn, Krems and Tulln in Lower Austria as well as Mallnitz in Carinthia. REGOreal is a scalable model for ..... Read full article

Operational objectives
of the living laboratories for 100% renewable energy

Sandbox Within a set space, the living laboratory is designed to create a set of circumstances (real-world environment) that very closely reflects the situation to be encountered ..... Read full article

Tourism as an opportunity for the energy transition in the Pinzgau region

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy in rural parts of Austria. It also accounts for a significant amount of energy consumption, particularly ..... Read full article

A 100% renewable Waldviertel
a region with a lot of potential

The upper Waldviertel (Gmünd, Zwettl, Waidhofen/Thaya, Krems and Horn) with its 110 municipalities has been a pioneer in renewable energy supply for many years now. As part ..... Read full article

The Weiz plus living laboratory
Flagship projects and financing models for the energy transition

This exploratory study centred around tecnological, organisational, financial and political questions associated with setting up a living laboratory for 100% renewable energy. Existing flagship projects are to ..... Read full article

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