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Sonnengarten Limberg residential complex, photo: Hillebrand

Climate-friendly buildings
Monitoring sustainable construction methods in Austria

Innovative strategies for buildings and residential areas are geared towards significantly reducing a building’s consumption of energy and resources as well as its carbon emissions while also ..... Read full article
Timber passive house on Mühlweg, 1210 Vienna, photo: Bruno Klomfar

Building sustainably
on the path towards climate neutrality

Significant amounts of energy and resources are necessary to build, live in, renovate and deconstruct buildings. A high share of energy consumption and climate-damaging emissions around the ..... Read full article
Wohnprojekt Wien, photo: Wohnprojekt Wien

Energy consumption and user comfort in eleven innovative buildings

Monitoring systems enable a building’s energy performance and comfort to be analysed, and potential for optimising its running to be identified. It is often the case that ..... Read full article
flagship project: passive house renovation of Am Sportplatz 4, photo: Eckart Drössler

The long-term evaluation
of 100 flagship buildings in Austria

The “LZE 100 Leuchtturmobjekte”1 project recorded and statistically evaluated energy consumption figures from over 100 representative high-efficiency buildings used for a variety of purposes over an operating ..... Read full article
Photo: www.vogl-perspektive.at

Renovating social housing
Monitoring the Friedrich-Inhauser-Straße residential complex in Salzburg

A pioneering concept in social housing has been implemented with the renovation and redensification of a 1980s housing complex in Salzburg’s Aigen district. The developer, Heimat Österreich, ..... Read full article

Smart readiness Indicator of buildings
European and national activities

Since 2018, the European “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” has established a Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) to assess the “smart-capability” of buildings. Next-generation buildings will be required ..... Read full article
Sonnengarten Limberg residential complex, photo: Hillebrand

Sonnengarten Limberg
Affordable housing and a good quality of life

The “Sonnengarten Limberg” in Zell am See is a forward-thinking construction project that combines affordable housing with a high standard of living and quality of life. The ..... Read full article

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