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Photo: Energie AG Oberösterreich, Ochsner

Heat pumps in the energy system of the future
Pioneering technologies and developments from Austria

Heat-pump technology has all the potential to become a vital building block in the energy system of the future. Pioneering developments in this field are not only ..... Read full article
Air/water heat pump, photo: Viessmann Werke

Heat-pump technology
for an efficient, resource-conserving energy supply system

Today heat pumps are in common use as an environment-friendly way of heating and cooling buildings. In an energy system of the future, with priority given to ..... Read full article
Photo: E-Sorp

Next-generation gas heat pumps

A large proportion of the residential buildings in Austria (around 43 %, according to Statistik Austria for 2015) are heated with fossil fuels, more or less equally ..... Read full article
Photo: Frigopol Kälteanlagen GmbH

Highly-efficient hybrid heat pumps for industry

Various industrial processes involve large amounts of waste heat, which has to be disposed of at extra expense in many cases. But this waste heat is a ..... Read full article
Acoustic camera in ring shape (64 channels) with a thermal camera located in its centre, ready for use in the climate chamber, Photo: AIT/Ludwig Schedl

Reducing acoustic emissions of air-source heat pumps

Throughout Europe air-source heat pumps are among the heat pump systems most widely sold for heating and also cooling residential buildings. Their advantages include modest space requirements, ..... Read full article
Photo: Ochsner Energie Technik GmbH

Energy from sewage water
Heat pumps in integrated communal energy systems

Wastewater from households, commerce and industry contains a good deal of energy. So far, though, very little use has been made of sewage water as a source ..... Read full article
Heat pump, Photo: Heliotherm

The Bat –
the thermal battery in a smart grid in combination with heat pumps

For renewables to be used efficiently on a large scale in buildings, we need cross-technology approaches and intelligent, optimized complete systems. Working together with research partners, experts ..... Read full article

International collaboration
on research into heat pump technologies

In the International Energy Agency’s heat pump programme (IEA-HPP) information about heat pumps, refrigeration engineering and air-conditioning is generated and disseminated, so that the environmental and energy-relevant ..... Read full article

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