International collaboration
IEA - Photovoltaik Power Systems Programm

Austrian experts are playing an active role in IEA-PVPS, the International Energy Agency’s photovoltaic programme. This partnership is geared towards linking the Austrian photovoltaic innovation scene with the international research community. Austria is currently involved in seven out of the eight ongoing research activities (“tasks”) and is leading two of them: “Solar PV in the 100% Renewable Energy Source Power System” and “Building Integrated Photovoltaic”.
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Foto: privat
Hubert Fechner, Photo: privat

„Europe is set for a renaissance in solar production, and Austria’s PV industry can become a key part of that. This will require constant innovation in order to compete successfully against other countries. The continued diversification of photovoltaics, taking in new applications, is giving Austrian manufacturers a lot of scope for positioning themselves on the global market with innovative products. Key research areas are new cell and module concepts for further increasing efficiencies, all the questions about integrating photovoltaics into existing infrastructures, and systemic integration into an energy system that is 100% sustainable. Recycling and other elements of the circular economy are becoming increasingly important. All of this research is being conducted in international partnerships, with Austrian experts being well represented in all the major research networks.“
Hubert Fechner
Photovoltaics Technology Platform and Vice Chair of the IEA-PVPS programme